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Haro laminate flooring for your home

Laminate flooring is a product that often gets overlooked amidst the wide array of floor coverings available on today’s market. However, it’s just as feasible a product as most others are and worthy of marketed as such.

This particular floor covering is constantly evolving, thanks to continued new innovation. For instance, we now have an all-plastic laminate that is available and incredibly resistant to water. This is not only a huge benefit but a great selling point as well.

Waterville Supply LLC carries this floor covering and many others. More specifically, we suggest taking a look at Haro laminate flooring for your customers. We service the areas of New York, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. If you’re looking for a specific product or specific manufacturer name, be sure to give us a call. As a retailer, we know how important it is to have all the latest flooring options for your customers.


What is Haro laminate flooring?

Some of the things this floor is best known for are its modern styling, its beautiful look, the fact that it’s easy to maintain, and stand up well to some of the most harrowing foot traffic.

The authentic wood look is probably one of the most appealing points of interest in this product. The authenticity and natural look actually makes it hard to tell the difference between Haro and the real thing. However, it’s no surprise really, since Haro has had more than sixty years to hone their experience to bring these products to life.

As actual real wood specialists, they really know a thing or two about the whole natural wood look, as well as the best way to display real wood features in the best lighting situations. This means that each room can be turned into a spotlight all its own.

Haro laminate flooring perfectly mimics nature, with wood species replications such as walnut, pine and oak, just to name a few. However, there’s no worry as to which species is hardier, as the hardness is all the same in laminate flooring. Only the looks change. So if someone absolutely loves pine, but has a high-traffic jungle of a space to refloor, there are no worries. Haro can stand up to just about any amount of traffic.

Additionally, this hard surface flooring may be made of more than 90% wood products, but you’ll find it resists such solid wood enemies as cigarette burns, untrimmed pet nails and even spike heels.