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Waterproof/SPC for peace of mind

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite, and it is this specially engineered composite core that gives it waterproof properties. SPC (waterproof *) flooring has so many benefits it’s hard to know where to begin. It is ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements in both residential and commercial applications… and for good reason. The clear, protective ceramic bead wear layer aids in its durability and scratch resistance. The attached underlayment pad provides comfort under foot and aids in sound absorption. Two layers of UV film help protect it from sunlight and fading. The stone plastic composite core aids in indentation and the rigid stability of the overall product.

SPC flooring works just as well in other rooms and it’s easy to find styles, colors, and textures that work with almost any décor.

It is easy to install and is cost effective. No glue is required for these floating floor systems. Planks are held in place by a uni-lock system.

You’ll be happy to find that these floors are exceptionally easy to care for and are easy to clean with a vacuum, broom, and a damp mop. For tougher stains, refer to your manufacturer’s guide as to which chemical cleaners are best to use.

There’s nothing quite like having a SPC floor for beauty, style, durability, ease of installation, simple maintenance, and extraordinary value. SPC gives you all of this plus peace of mind!

* Please refer to the manufacturer’s SPC 20 mil warranty for details.