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Reasons to choose waterproof flooring

Waterproof flooring has so many benefits, it’s hard to even know where to begin. These benefits make it easier to market this flooring to homeowners who likely already have it all. After all, what is peace of mind actually worth?

Consider, for a moment, having new flooring installed but taking no thought to how old the water pipes are. The fact is, water pipes, especially older ones, can burst with little to no forewarning at all. When they do, it can cost a great deal, up to and including a brand new floor install after all is said and done.

Waterville Supply LLC knows that accidents happen every single day. Waterproof flooring is just one of the ways to make sure it doesn’t cost so much to recuperate from them. We service the areas of New York, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.


Waterproof flooring is a little different

Waterproof flooring is actually manufactured using different materials than most other floor coverings. For instance, some of the ingredients of this type of flooring can include PVC composites, limestone dust and even wood particles. Everything is then brought together in such a way that it doesn’t soak up any water, spills or moisture and gives you the peace of mind you really want in a floor covering.

Waterproof flooring is most often sought after for use in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, and for good reason. You won’t have to worry about overflows, spills or anything water related at all. However, this flooring works just as well in other rooms. Thanks to the many different types of flooring available in this niche, it’s easy to find styles and designs that work with almost any décor. You can even choose products that look like natural materials such as hardwood, tile and stone. If floor maintenance is a concern, you’ll be happy to find that these floors are exceptionally easy to care for. Not only are they resistant to stains, they’re easy to clean with just a broom and a damp mop. For tougher stains, refer to your manufacturer’s guide as to which chemical cleaners are best to use. There’s nothing quite like having a waterproof floor for beauty, style, durability and ease of maintenance, that’s coupled with the peace of mind as well.