Waterville Supply LLC in Westborough, MA

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Who we are

about us
Waterville Supply LLC is all about the wood. Whether it’s fence or flooring, we have the people, the products, and the performance you can rely on.

With its experienced, honest, and reliable staff, we at Waterville Supply are exclusively focused on our customers' core business. We consider ourselves an integral part of their business by becoming partners for success. This is our stated goal and mission.

It's all part of our mission

With deep respect to our customers and our manufacturers, Waterville Supply is committed to the core belief of environmental sustainability that will ensure the next generation will inherit the bounty of the earth.
Henry J. Braverman
President, Waterville Supply LLC

Meet the team

Henry Braverman
My name is Henry J. Braverman and I am the proud owner of Waterville Supply. I wasn’t always a business owner, but I have spent the last 6 years of my 47 years in the building materials industry doing what I love best…. working together with an amazing group of people in order to serve our clientele with excellence. Read more
Pam Braverman
Owner & AP
Pam Braverman, alumna of LR McCoy, with decades of experience as a buyer of Western Products and Surplus. Mother of daughter Lauren and cute mascot, Olive. Pam is considered to be the titular head of Waterville Supply. She is the soul and the spirit of our beloved company and demonstrates her care ... Read more
Beth Aulenback
VP Operations & Sales
She started her career in the flooring industry (25 years ago) at LR McCoy. She first started with McCoy in the IT Department and then, because of her strong attention to detail, and tremendous communication skills, Beth was asked if she would possibly consider sales. She absolutely hit the ... Read more
Korey Sterczala
Territory Sales Manager
Korey is another ex-alum of LR McCoy. She spent much of her 30 years in an administrative capacity, then moved on to purchasing and sales. Over the past 6 years at Waterville Supply she became mostly involved with buying and selling White Cedar Fence and components, Treated Posts, West VA Split ... Read more
Lisa Imbody
Lisa worked for LR McCoy for 16 years in various administrative functions. She then worked for a Health Insurance company for 5 years. In February 2017, Lisa came to Waterville Supply in an Accounting and Administration function under the tutelage of her mom Gail, who had an eye towards ... Read more
Faith Keskula
Sales & Administration
Up until 2012 Faith spent the first forty years of her working career at one company, LR McCoy, lived in the same house, and married to the same person. She sticks with things that work, and after a brief hiatus, she is back with some of her previous workmates from LR McCoy and now at Waterville ... Read more
Dan Boisvert
Territory Sales Manager
Dan started his career in the floor covering industry in 1995 while attending Hudson Valley Community College in upstate New York. He found himself installing, delivering, as well as sanding and finishing floors. After college, he transitioned into retail sales. From there he took his skills on ... Read more
Joanne Kanaan
Joanne worked for Verizon Communications for 22 years as a supervisor in tech support before retiring in March 2019. In November 2019, Joanne joined the Waterville Supply family to work primarily on administrative functions. Through her vast experiences at Verizon, Joanne came to us with a fresh ... Read more
Dick Shaw
Territory Sales Manager
Dick too was a former member of the LR McCoy family. He graduated UVM in 1968 and shortly thereafter began his career with LR McCoy. About 8 years later he had another calling which was to open a division for Davidson Industries in Southport IND. In 2012 Dick came to Waterville Supply with an ... Read more
Chris Maschenik
Territory Sales Manager
After attending high school I struck out to make a career in the construction field. I worked as a carpenter and as a mason before I found the flooring industry. At the age of 24 I passed and received the state required Florida Tile and Marble Contractor License to start my own installation ... Read more