Interior Doors


A few ideas for your interior doors

Interior Colonial panel pine doors are available in both a clear and knotty look offering today’s homeowner the versatility of a modern/clean style versus something more classically/traditional. As with all of our wood flooring and wood fence products, natural wood doors add a dimension of warmth and are stylistically elegant. But beyond style and elegance, our natural wood doors are designed for performance by featuring a high-tech engineered wood core along with premium grade face veneers for either painting or staining.

There are other door styles which are available and can be used to create the perfect interior space. Sliding barn doors can add to any farmhouse or rustic interior design scheme. Available in a variety of designs and accompanying hardware, they are perfect for bedrooms, studies, libraries, and more. They offer the homeowner something stylistically rustic with a touch of modern edginess.

And speaking of modern edginess, check out our multi-style Shaker doors. Simple, with clean inside and outside edges. Shaker doors have an old-world colonial religious connotation but feature a modern clean look with flat center panels and square edges. Shaker doors pair very well with today’s modern interiors.




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