Hardwood flooring doesn't go out of style

Hardwood flooring is different from many of the floor coverings on today’s market. While it’s true that it’s a bit more expensive initially, the life-span alone makes it well worth it. There is a unique benefit to the homeowner in having a floor installed that they won’t have to replace in a couple of decades. In fact, some wood floors are known to last a century or more.

It’s also true that there is some maintenance necessary for the best results. Again, it’s absolutely worth it. Of course, not every lifestyle is well suited for wood floors, but those that are will quickly see the benefit of making the switch.

Unlike fleeting fashion fads, hardwood flooring boasts an enduring allure that only deepens with age, adding warmth, character, and sophistication to any space. Its versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly complementing a myriad of interior styles from traditional to contemporary, rustic to minimalist.

Waterville Supply LLC is a national wholesale distributor that appreciatively serves clients from coast to coast. You’re welcome to check out the quality of our flooring as well as the manufacturers we receive our products from. We can also help you with related products, including installation tools and equipment.

Hardwood basics

It’s important to know a bit about hardwood species. Some are harder than others, some hold stains better than others, and still, others experience more or less expansion and contraction in response to humidity and temperature changes. There are also the choices in both domestic and exotic wood species. You can choose domestic species such as maple, cherry, walnut, beech and chestnut. There are also exotics such as Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Santos Mahogany and more. When a consumer is considering wood flooring, it’s also important to remember that the choice is not limited to solid wood. Engineered wood is also available, and has its own set of benefits, including the ability to be placed below grade, such as in basements. Since engineered woods do not contract and expand in the same way solid wood does, it’s a great choice for environments that are more humid. Another available choice is unfinished or prefinished wood. Prefinished wood makes the installation a bit quicker and is less messy. However, by choosing unfinished hardwood, there are many more options that aren’t available straight from the manufacturer. There will be more choices in stain colors, more available layers of stain or protective coating, and other options as well. Finally, it’s important to reiterate the importance of having hardwood floors professionally installed. Due to the specifications that come with this particular flooring type, many problems can occur that are best left to professionals.

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