Engineered hardwood flooring

Stand-out features in engineered wood flooring

There are plenty of reasons to consider engineered wood flooring if you're in the market for a new floor covering. These materials are just as classic, timeless, and stunning as their solid wood counterparts but offer some unique benefits for materials from the wood flooring category. You're likely to have a space in your home that is the perfect placement for these floor coverings, so let's find out what you might be missing.

What you'll get from engineered wood flooring

These floors begin with various wood plies that are glued together, with a real wood veneer glued on top. The wood plies are crossed during construction to provide added stability that can feel great underfoot, much like the solid wood option. The more plies are in the makeup of the flooring, the more stable they are underfoot. One of the most popular advantages engineered flooring offers is the ability for below-grade installation. Since solid hardwood can't be installed in basements, this gives you an excellent alternative that is still a real wood product. In these areas, they perform well against the humidity, dampness, and varying degrees of temperature changes for excellent results year-round. Engineered floors offer many of the same benefits that the solid variety does, including your choice of species, stain color, and pre- or site-finished materials. They can even be refinished several times, depending on the actual veneer's thickness, and are easy to clean and maintain once installed. You'll be surprised at the appearance, functionality, and lifespan of these materials, especially in your busy household.

As a leading engineered hardwood flooring supplier, we understand the reasons why this type of flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Here's what you'll get from choosing engineered wood flooring:

  • Durability and Stability: Engineered wood planks are constructed with multiple layers, making them more resistant to warping, cupping, and gapping compared to solid wood. This enhanced stability allows for installation in areas with fluctuating temperatures or moisture levels, like basements.
  • Variety and Style: With a real hardwood veneer on top, engineered wood flooring offers the same warmth and beauty of solid wood in a wider range of styles and species. You can choose from classic oak to more exotic options, with a variety of finishes to match your décor.


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