Characteristics of Cedar Wood and Cedar Fencing

Characteristics of Cedar Wood and Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing graces countless landscapes across the nation, admired for its beauty and enduring strength. But what exactly makes cedar such a remarkable material? 


Why is cedar wood perfect for fences?

Cedar boasts a unique combination of properties that position it as a champion in the world of fencing. 


Durability that stands the test of time

Cedar is renowned for its exceptional longevity. Unlike many other woods, cedar possesses natural rot and decay resistance. This inherent defense stems from the presence of special oils within the wood fibers. These oils repel moisture, the primary culprit behind wood deterioration. With proper care, a cedar fence can grace your property for decades, weathering various weather conditions without succumbing to rot or decay.


Natural defense against pesky insects

Insects can wreak havoc on wooden structures, but cedar offers a natural defense system. The same aromatic oils that contribute to its decay resistance also deter insects. These oils disrupt the nervous systems of insects like termites and carpenter ants, making cedar an unappealing target for these destructive pests.


Stability you can count on

Fences endure constant exposure to the elements, and stability is crucial for maintaining their structural integrity. Cedar wood exhibits minimal shrinkage and warping, even with fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. This exceptional stability ensures your fence remains straight and true for years to come.


Lightweight champion

While boasting remarkable strength, cedar is surprisingly lightweight. This characteristic translates to several benefits during fence construction. Lighter weight simplifies handling and installation, reducing labor costs and making the process more manageable. Additionally, the reduced weight puts less strain on fence posts and supports, contributing to overall structural stability.


Aesthetics that enhance your landscape

Cedar's natural beauty is undeniable. The wood boasts a warm reddish-brown hue that weathers gracefully to a silvery-gray patina over time. This natural elegance complements a variety of architectural styles, seamlessly integrating your fence into your landscape design.


Workability – a dream for DIY enthusiasts

For those considering a DIY fence project, cedar's user-friendly nature is a welcome advantage. The wood's soft, even texture allows for easy cutting, drilling, and sanding. This workability makes customization and intricate designs achievable, even for those without extensive carpentry experience.


Aromatic appeal – a touch of nature

Cedar is known for its pleasant, slightly sweet aroma. This natural fragrance adds a delightful sensory element to your outdoor space. The scent acts as a natural insect repellent, further enhancing the overall appeal of your cedar fence.


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