Northern White Cedar Fencing for Your Backyard

Why Not Try a Northern White Cedar Wood Fence for Your Backyard? 

Cooler weather is coming but there’s still time for cookouts, parties, or just hanging out with friends in the great outdoors. And why not extend the  and comfort of your home to the great outdoors and hang out in style? As we all know, outdoor living space has become one of the fastest growing categories for home improvement. What better way is there to help you enjoy you back yard other than with a classically beautiful Northern White Cedar Fence? Northern White Cedar is the most common type of wood used for fences in the Northeast. It has been used for hundreds of years by homesteaders and farmers. It grows abundantly and naturally without help from humans – and without fertilizers that can damage the environment. It is less prone to warping and shrinkage and ages naturally to a silvery gray. It does not require any chemical treatment as it is naturally resistant to insects, moisture, mold, rot and lasts longer than other types of wood fencing. It can last many years without stain or paint but either will help protect the fence and extend its life. And since a Northern White Cedar fence does not require a chemical treatment it is 100% biodegradable unlike plastic, composite, or pressure treated fencing. Northern White Cedar is a versatile wood and in addition to fencing is used in the manufacture of shingles, log cabins, posts, lumber, and boat and canoe frames. If you’re looking for a naturally grown, biodegradable, long lasting, beautiful fencing in a solid privacy, a semi-private, or a post and rail style...

                                 why not try a Northern White Cedar wood fence?


                                                 Good fences make good neighbors